The US Sierra - The Merkur XR4Ti

As well as selling the Sierra throughout Europe, Ford made inroads into the north american market with the Mk1.

Rebadged as a Merkur and powered by a turbocharged 2.3-litre derivative of the OHC engine, the car was essentially a re-trimmed XR4i bodyshell, customised for the left-hand-drive US market.

Information on the car in the UK is scarce - there are a handful of cars that have been reimported from the US that occasionally show up at national events such as Ford Fair or Classic Ford - but by-and-large the XR4Ti is overlooked by the UK community.

Jon Luck, Editor of the Ford Sierra Owners Club magazine "Jellymould" wrote a brief introductory article on the Merkur XR4Ti that featured in issue 3/2009.


Click the icon to read the article from "Jellymould" - you will need Adobe Reader in order to open it.


Thanks go to Jon for his kind permission in allowing reproduction of the article. Should you want more information about the Merkur XR4Ti, a good starting point would be Wikipedia and The Merkur Club of America.

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