The OHC engine

OHC ("Pinto") Engine : Very much the 'old faithful' of the Sierra range throughout the years. First introduced to the UK in 1970 in the Mk. 3 Cortina, the Pinto engine was the OHC engine for the masses with it's cheap rubber-belt-driven design.

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The DOHC engine

8v DOHC Engine : Saw service in Sierra and Sierra Sapphire 2.0 models from 1989 onwards as a replacement for the Pinto. Initially available in both carburettored and injection format, the DOHC is often overlooked by tuners - yet it is a capable engine.

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The CVH engine

CVH Engine : Seen in the Sierra and Sierra Sapphire in 1.6 (late-1991 onwards) and 1.8 (1987 onwards) capacities.

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The Turbo Diesel

Originally known as the Lynx and later as the Endura-D, the 1800cc turbo diesel engine was used in a variety of vehicles made by Ford throughout the 1980's and 1990's - including the Escort, Focus, Fiesta, Mondeo, Sierra and later the Transit Connect.

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