Buying a Sierra

There have been many buyers guides for the Sierra written in the past, from the reviews of the cars when they were new as penned by the motoring press, to the second-hand (and third- and fourth-hand!) buyers guides written by the likes of Car Mechanics and Practical Classics magazines as the cars became older and filtered down the used car markets.

Obviously "new" buyers guides won't be much help to you if you are looking to buy your first Sierra now - as at the time of writing the cars have been out of production some thirteen years and you will never again see a new one in a showroom - those are consigned to the likes of the transport source books you can buy (unfortunately the only link I could find on Google for the company was this, but it doesn't seem to work...) and I have not included content from them here because of that.

Instead here are a couple of low-res Acrobat pdf's of buying guides that have been published as the cars approach "classic" status to help you get started in your quest for the perfect Sierra (if such a thing exists!).


Click the icon to read the guide from the June 2004 edition of Practical Classics Magazine.

Click the icon to read the guide from the May 1999 edition of Car Mechanics Magazine.


I myself contributed to the June 2004 / Practical Classics guide along with John Williamson of the XR Owners Club but can I recommend that if you find the either of the guides useful, you consider subscribing to the magazines they were originally sourced from to show your appreciation?


The Top Gear review

In 1993, when reviewing the (as-then) 'new' Ford Mondeo, BBC's Top Gear show ran a feature on the history of the Mondeo, showing it's roots and development right from the Cortina, and giving a review of the Sierra as a second-hand car. Not much is relevent now as most Sierras will have covered mega-mileages and been subject to somewhat questionable service histories, but it is interesting to see what Quentin Wilson thought of them at the time anyway!


Other buyers guides

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