Fitting replacement indicator side repeaters

Something I have never really understood is the thinking behind some of Ford's styling motives - side repeaters for one.

Ford face-lifted the Sierra no less than three times during its production run. The first facelift in 1987 was pretty obvious - the jump from the original body shape to the later one that introduced the Sapphire saloon into the model line up, and practically changed everything on the car in terms of exterior and interior trim. The other two were fairly subtle in comparison but during the 1990 facelift, the cars received clear front indicator lenses and smoked rear lenses with a plastic appliqué panel for the rear number plate amongst other things.

Where the facelift is quite minor, it is often possible to fit the trim from later cars to earlier ones, making your car look newer than it is, or just better if the original design of trim component was a bit pants.

What I don't understand is quite why the indicator side repeaters remained bright orange - on later cars with the "right" colour, this stands out a mile.

One excuse that's been mentioned when the subject comes up at shows is that all Ford's vehicles used this square orange side repeater and it was an economy of scale to not have to change them for one application. But about that time, all Ford cars were undergoing facelifts - and since when has Ford standardised all that much for the sake of economies of scale? Look at how many components are interchangeable across Ford models, and look at how many aren't.

Whatever the reason, unless someone has played with your Sierra beforehand, chances are it has an orange, square side repeater. But what can you do about it?

Change them - that's what!

This 'How to...' shows you how to change the standard, bright orange side repeaters for something else.

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