Replacing rear beam bushes

The Sierra, unlike it's rear-wheel-drive predecessors, features a fully independent rear suspension set up that is mounted to the body on a subframe – known as “the beam”.

Ford did this to improve the ride quality and reduce “NVH” or Noise, Vibration and Harshness. Unfortunately the increased amount of rubber in the suspension can be detrimental too – as the cars age, the newest of which will be some 17 years old now, the bushes are continually attacked by the harsh environment in which they are installed, and wear increasingly with mileage.

Ultimately the rubber compound the bushes are made from starts to deteriorate to the detriment of the handling: the beam starts to move independently of the rear suspension, causing the rear suspension to behave oddly - which can lead to a feeling of “rear end steering” that does little to inspire confidence at the best, and accelerated and odd tyre wear and unpredictable handling at worst.

In this How To... I will cover replacement of these beam mounting bushes.


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