Replacing rear beam bushes

The Sierra, unlike it's rear-wheel-drive predecessors, features a fully independent rear suspension set up that is mounted to the body on a subframe – known as “the beam”.

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Replacing a steering rack

Your steering rack is important. Not only does it help you aim your car where you want it to go, but it ensures it continues to go in that direction at all times.

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Replacing front brake discs

As well as their legendary handling (hang on, that was meant in jest!), Sierra's are also known for their appetite for warping front brake discs. While some cars may go for hundreds of thousands of miles, others may warp even new discs after only a few hundred - it really depends on how well the discs were manufactured and fitted, style of driving and, to some extent, luck.

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Replacing driveshaft CV boots

The rubber covering (or “boot”) around a CV joint in a driveshaft does a very important job. Not only does it keep the joint inside clean and protected from road dirt and moisture, but it helps keep the sticky grease used for lubrication in.

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