Repairing a rear wheelarch

More than a few cars are prone to having their wheel arches rot out - and Sierra's are certainly no exception.


Condensation collects on the insides of the rear panels and runs down to collect in pressed seams while moisture and grit flung up from the wheels attacks the welded seam from the outside. Eventually the metal rots out leaving an unsightly jagged edge which in many cases will be an MOT fail.

Covering the sharp rusty edge with a bit of duct tape or sticking in a glob of bodyfiller might get you a test pass for this year providing the rest of the car isn’t rotten elsewhere, but the only long-term answer is to cut the rusty metal out completely and weld in fresh.

Fortunately in the Sierra’s case, repair panels are easy to get hold of and relatively straightforward to fit.

In this ‘How to...’ I will cover the steps necessary to undertake the replacement of a rear wheel arch section.


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