The current whip - an Alfa Romeo 159

After the Sierra, came an Alfa Romeo. In this case, a 159 Sportwagon.

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My 1991 2.3 Ghia - 'Ghia of Fear'

The Ghia of Fear! This was my 1991 (post-facelift) Sierra Sapphire Ghia. Affectionately known within the Sierra owners club and associated forum communities as The Ghia of Fear.

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About the site's author

So... why Crustworld?

Let me introduce myself. (For those of you who want to bail out into something a lot more interesting, the link to Mr. Gates' old place is here...!)

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My 1990 2.0 GLX - 'Taz'

This was my final Sierra, a 1990 ("'90 spec") Sierra Sapphire GLXi, nicknamed by my children 'Taz' because of her paint colour: Tazman Blue.

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